Web Commerce, Security and Privacy

School of Computer Science (15-421/08-731)
Instructor: Norman M. Sadeh

More on Class Projects (12-unit section only)

Projects are conducted in teams of 3 to 5 students. Projects allow students to explore topics and applications or services that they are particularly interested in. Most projects revolve around the design and prototyping of an innovative application (or service). The emphasis is not on hacking but rather on learning to design, evaluate and refine meaningful applications, taking into account technical, business, security, privacy and usability considerations. The level of emphasis placed on each of these considerations varies from one project to another, with some focusing more on software architectures (e.g. web services, mashups, etc.), others on new promising applications (e.g. social networking applications, mobile or pervasive computing applications) and some on particular technologies (e.g. payment technologies, RFID, semantic web, etc.). Students are encouraged to evaluate design alternatives, show that they understand the limitations of their prototypes, and propose ways in which their design could be improved. The scope of each project is refined during the course of the semester through regular meetings with the instructor.

Sample of recent projects (2005-2007): Social networking site for sharing location sensitive recommendations and comments, mobile trading application, car pooling web service, enabling people to selectively control who they share their calendar information with, facebook application to enable users to selectively share their locations with others, cross-application forwardable authentication, X+V application to help commuters using the Pittsburgh public transportation system, application to help small companies set up web sites, evaluation and extension of steganography techniques, implementation and evaluation of the SET protocol, personalized search, extending privacy controls in a Friend Finder application, mobile parking payment application, aggregating online multi-attribute online product recommendations, mobile movie ticketing application, etc.