Mobile and IoT Computing Services

School of Computer Science (08-781/08-766/45-887/45-987)
Instructor: Norman M. Sadeh

6-Unit (08-766/46-866) versus 9-Unit (08-781) Section – and 12 Unit Full-Semester Option

This course is available both as a 6-unit and a 9-unit mini-course during Mini 3 (first seven weeks of the Spring semester). With the exception of Tepper students, all students are strongly encouraged to register for the 9 unit section.

The 6-unit and 9-unit mini-course sections both share the same set of core lectures. Students registered in the 6-unit section are expected to complete two homework assignments, a midterm and a final. Students in the 9-unit section have no homework assignment, but have to work on a team project (and take the midterm and final exams).

12-Unit Full-Semester Option
There is also an option to enroll in a 12-unit version of the course. Students who opt for the 12-unit section are subject to the exact same expectations as those in the 9-unit section, which includes completing a class project by the end of the first mini-semester. During the second half of the semester, they are given a chance to further refine their prototype. There are no classes during the second half of the semester. Students just have a couple of meetings with the instructor and then provide an updated version of their final report along with a demo of their refined prototype. This option is primarily intended for students who want to refine their app prior to releasing on the iPhone App Store or Android Market.