Information Security and Privacy

School of Computer Science 15-421/08-631 (12 units)
Instructor: Norman M. Sadeh

Course Objective

The objective of this course is to introduce students to the concepts, technologies, practices and challenges associated with Information Security and Privacy. The course takes a broad view of Information Security and Privacy, which includes looking at relevant business, organizational, human, legal and policy issues. In the process, students will learn what it takes to design, develop, deploy and maintain information systems, services and software products that are secure and comply with expectations of privacy. They will develop an appreciation for the multi-faceted challenges associated with this space and the complex tradeoffs that are often entailed in addressing these challenges in practice.

The course mixes technical discussions with a wealth of examples spanning enterprise and government systems, social networking, mobile and pervasive computing, cloud computing, Web 2.0 and much more.

Course material combines formal lectures with the discussion of recent/hot topics and how they relate to material covered in the lectures

All students are expected to work on a team project. Projects are presented as part of a project fair at the end of the semester, where a panel of judges picks a winning team. The winning team receives a $1,000 prize.