Adaptive Trading Technologies

School of Computer Science (17-814)
Instructor: Norman M. Sadeh

Course Overview

Automated or semi-automated trading technologies are slowly finding their way into a number of different environments (for example, stock exchange, eBay, and energy trading). They enable users (whether individuals or organizations) to rapidly evaluate a significantly larger number of options than any human decision maker could. Potential benefits include faster response to changing market conditions and higher profits. With annual supply chain transactions worth trillions of dollars worldwide, supply chain trading technologies are attracting the attention of a growing number of researchers and enterprises.

“Adaptive Trading Technologies” (17-814) is a hands-on, research-oriented course that will introduce students to adaptive trading technologies, focusing on supply chain scenarios. The course will expose students to fundamental research challenges and key adaptive trading technologies. The course format will combine discussion of research papers with the design and evaluation of supply chain trading technologies in the context of the upcoming 2007 supply chain trading competition. This is an annual tournament that requires looking at the dynamic market interactions that take place when multiple organizations concurrently compete in overlapping customer and supplier markets. Since its launch in 2003, the Competition has grown to include an international community of 150 researchers from universities and companies in over 15 countries. The best technologies developed as part of the course are expected to form the basis for CMU’s entry in the 2007 tournament, which will take place in the summer of 2007.